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February 2021

Happy Beginning of Lent,


     Last week the great State of Texas has a bunch of white stuff dumped on us. Water this week was quite a problem. When the water mixed with the extreme cold temperatures the water came down as snow, sleet, and ice. BUT wait there is more. Due to the freezing temps, we had a loss of power, frozen pipes, property damage and loss of water. These are all first world problems. Our property may have been damaged, we may have had to boil water, but what has been broken can and will be fixed. In many other parts of the world there is no water, nothing to boil to make safe.

     When we sit back and look at what happened, God may have gifted us with a wakeup call. This was also the first week of Lent. Lent is a time of reflection, preparation, and penance and eventually celebration.

     When we reflect on our first world problems, how can we help our neighbors - those close by and those far away? What can we do to deepen our relationship with God? Be conscious of what we have and be thankful for every gift. Start looking at everything as a gift because it is. We always need to be prepared, have extra water, emergency food, hand warmers, batteries, the list can go on and on. More importantly we should always have our Spiritual Life in order. What can you do to be better Spiritually Prepared? Designated prayer time, Rosary, Bible Studies are just a few suggestions.

     Last but not least, no matter what happens in our earthy existence, we have the ultimate gift of Jesus and the Promise of Eternal life.


God Bless and Happy Lent, Terry Wade

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