Meeting Minutes

February 2021

The meeting of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Mary Immaculate #1719 was called to order by Regent Terry Wade at 7:00 pm via Zoom conference call.


Maureen O’Brien led us in the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.


Opening Ode was not sung.


Leslie Vail guest of Beth Williamson was present.


Recording Secretary, Lucille Tafalla:

  • Took roll call of officers.

  • Quorum present.

  • Correspondences consisted of thank you note from Joan Wood for the Mass card in honor of her sister who passed away.


Vice Regent, Carol McDermott:

  • Updated us on State news.

    • Next State Convention will be April 14 – 18, 2021, at the Hilton Garden Inn, Texarkana, Tx.

    • Required paperwork can be found on the Texas state website.

      • March 1, 2021 – Meal registration forms and complete convention registration form are due.

    • Terrie Tellini volunteered to be Chairman of the swag bag process.

      •  Terrie still needs help with scheduling and volunteer list, please contact her if interested.

      • Mary Tosetto, Patty St. Jacques, and Beth Williamson volunteered to help with swag bags.

    • Anyone who is interested in being a delegate or an alternate representing Court 1719, please call Terry Wade or Carol McDermott.

      • Delegate and alternate names are due on March 1, 2021.


Financial Secretary, Deborah Terasaki:

  • We currently have 159 members.

  • 72 are in good standing.

  • Dues for 2021 are due now, envelopes will be found in your newsletters.


Treasurer, Lisa Ortiz:

  • Present balance is $22,215.34.


District Deputy, Mary Jane Schuster:

  • Announced that tours at State Convention have been cancelled.

  • Only some local tours may be available.


JCDA News, Terry Wade:

  • 10 members were present at Mass.

  • Cards of words of encouragement and blessings were sent to AA members.


Baby caps, Kay Piccola:

  • Received 10 more boxes of material for baby caps.

  • Call Kay if you would like to work on a box.


Fish fry, Carol McDermott:

  • Carol McDermott is in charge of bake sale.

  • This year will be a drive thru bake sale.

  • Volunteer workers are needed, please call Carol.

  • Baked goods may be taken to Terry Wades home before 4:30pm on Fridays.

  • Please wrap bake goods individually.

  • Each item will cost $2.00.


Volunteer Hours, Patty St. Jacques & Georgia Johnson:

  • Volunteer hours are being collected on website.

  • Must have volunteer hours to maintain our non-profit status.

  • Contact information for Patty St. Jacques: 214-734-0750.

  • Contact information for Georgia Johnson: 214-215-8688.

Fun Committee, Maureen O’Brien:

  • Maureen O’Brien has set up speakers for this year.

  • Tonight’s speaker was Joan Poole presenting her amazing Nativity Scene collection.

New Business:

  • Deborah Terasaki the new Directory is now on our CDA Court 1719 website, Go to Contact then Directory

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